Podcast episode 13: Imagining and realizing a more beautiful world of work

May 18, 2022 1:52 pm

What are the possibilities for a better and more beautiful world of work, if regenerative and life-centred approaches become an embedded part of how we work? 

In this Nature of Work podcast, authors and co-hosts, DWG’s CEO Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge, are joined by Dr Lauren ‘L’ Vargas, a ‘digital dragon wrangler’ who assists organizations with their community and communication strategies.  

Together, they unpack the fundamentals of regenerative practices, including big ideas such as the opportunity to step beyond being human-centred and becoming truly life-centred at work. Within this, every single action we each take can feed or regress regenerative practice. Humans are not the only thing in the ecosystem to be impacted by our actions – and indeed, does nature come first? 

“I’m thinking about a regenerative organization as one that is really focusing on developing its talent rather than buying its talent. This means that it’s all about growing our collective capability of critical thinking and of caring for one another; caring about the life around us and really understanding that our actions have consequences and there is a ripple effect.” 

Dr Lauren ‘L’ Vargas, digital dragon wrangler 

In this passionate discussion, L takes us on a tour of her ‘Take ‘CARE’ to be ‘CALM’’ framework – a collaborative, anticipatory, leaderful and mindful approach she uses to guide digital transformation in a regenerative way.   

From using play and science fiction to unlock conformed realities, through to sharing how individuals can approach introspective work, L draws on her academic and real-life corporate experiences to explain how regenerative practices can really show up. 

Listen now for more about the potential to imagine and realize a more beautiful world of work. 

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