Podcast Episode 5: Behind the scenes of Nature of Work at Burford Literary Festival

October 6, 2021 11:03 am

This episode of the Nature of Work podcast is your front-row seat at the first ever Burford Literary Festival.  

Co-authors Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes recall their experience of writing the Nature of Work book, sharing with the festival audience the story and vision behind the whole Nature of Work concept and explaining how walks in the woods inspired not only the content but the writing process as well.  

Our thesis is that you are alive. You just haven’t really experienced yourself like that – and how this manifests itself inside organizations will be different.”  

Paul Miller, CEO, Digital Workplace Group and Co-author of Nature of Work

Taking a different approach to the traditional solitude and ‘hermit-like’ process of writing (as Shimrit describes it), they chose to work on the book collaboratively. Paul and Shimrit discuss the importance of having a team of people involved to help build the vision, to challenge the ideas and to contribute the in-depth research and living examples that bring the story to life.  

The conversation in this episode, including a Q&A with the festival audience, provides listeners with a taste of the writing process, how the book has been received, and what it’s like to self-publish. Listen also to hear more on how the pandemic and movements such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too shaped the story in real-time as it was being written.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode: 

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