Podcast episode 8: Germans have the perfect word for how work should feel: ‘Arbeitswelt’

January 6, 2022 9:47 am

The past two years have sharpened our focus on topics such as empathy within the workplace, and helped to accelerate others, such as the physical and mental health of ourselves as well as our colleagues around us. Much has already changed, so what will the next generation of workspaces look like? 

“There is a new university in Istanbul, designed with lots of open, outdoor spaces and indoor spaces with glass walls. So, you have this feeling that you are sitting in nature. And I think this shift is becoming more and more a reality.” 

Christine Kohlert

In this episode, Paul and Shimrit are joined by the formidable Christine Kohlert – author, architect and professor. Christine shares her insights from her extensive research and experience, and offers us a glimpse of a more beautiful way to work. 

Aligning with the ‘Habitats’ element from the book Nature of Work, their conversation covers everything from the beauty and power of biophilic design to the functional and clever furniture that can enhance our working lives. This bright and optimistic discussion will leave you dreaming up your ideal workspace. 

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:  

Space for Creative Thinking: Design principles for work and learning environments, by Christine Kohlert and Scott Cooper   

Digital Workplace Impact episode 19: How and why physical workplaces change the way we work (with guests Christine Kohlert and Sally Augustin) 

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