Nature of Work Podcast Episode 3: Imagine a workplace as beautiful as Gaudi’s Barcelona

September 6, 2021 10:31 am

Beauty is so much more than just that in the eye of the beholder, embracing also the emotions evoked in the heart of that beholder. 

When you think of Barcelona, it’s hard not to conjure up images of Gaudi’s majestic architecture – an architect famous for taking common spaces and elevating them to a level of beauty where your emotions also have to rise to that level. Not just aesthetic beauty, but also the inspiration, aspiration, purpose, meaning and love this beauty evokes.  

For me, I’ve been thinking about the workplace as a place where the work that matters happens, and wanting to build a future where we bring back some peacefulness to the work we’re doing. We bring back the high value that it’s carrying and allow people to find the spaces where they can reconnect with their own meaning and purpose.” 

Nellie Hayat, Head of Workplace Transformation, VergeSense

In this episode of the Nature of Work podcast, Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes are joined by Nellie Hayat, Head of Workplace Transformation at VergeSense. Together they share stories from Silicon Valley and reflect on what draws travellers and visitors to the magnificence and wonders of Gaudi’s works, asking what we can learn from this in our quest to create more beautiful workplaces for the future as organizations consider their return-to-office strategies. 

What value will physical spaces and offices have in the future of work? Or is the era of the office as we know it now over? Drawing inspiration from nature, the conversation explores the concept of habitat, including how to create environments in which people feel safe, connected, empowered and purposeful about their work, their impact on the world, as well as other emerging trends and examples of how the workplace is being reimagined and changing our relationship with work. 

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