Podcast episode 12: How nature and living systems can inspire meaningful change

April 21, 2022 8:59 am

Change doesn’t really exist in nature because nature is change. So what lessons can we learn to take a more regenerative approach to evolution within our organizations and in response to the world around us? 

For this Nature of Work podcast, authors and co-hosts, Paul Miller, DWG CEO, and Shimrit Janes, DWG Director of Knowledge, are joined by thought leader, trusted advisor and author of Leading from the Roots, Dr Kathleen Allen.  

Together, they explore the concept of the organization as an organism, with Kathleen sharing how nature and its patterns have influenced her own leadership practices.  

The sheer wondrous, dynamic movement of nature is a reminder that we are all moving all of the time; we are all evolving all of the time. 

Dr Kathleen Allen, Thought leader, author and trusted advisor 

Being adaptive is a human capacity and the three discuss whether a more ‘growthful’ approach to change could shift dynamics. Indeed, if organizations are considered as living systems, how can their interdependencies and connections be used to help cultivate future direction? And what is the importance of leadership emotional intelligence in helping people to adapt through such change. 

Follow the conversation, which offers new ways to view change through a nature-inspired lens.  

To celebrate the first anniversary, you can receive a 30% discount when you buy the book via natureofwork.com – use BIRTHDAY1 at the checkout. 

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