Podcast episode 9: Nature of Work – Reflections one year on

January 19, 2022 12:11 pm

As we mark the first anniversary of the launch of the ground-breaking book, Nature of Work, the co-authors, Paul and Shimrit, are joined in the podcast studio by Lucy Colclough and Mark Catchlove.

Lucy, Founder of bio-inspired consultancy, workWILD, and Mark, Director of MillerKnoll’s Global Insight Group, are both passionate about improving how and where we work. 

How can we reframe change and uncertainty? A lot of businesses are thinking: ‘How can we build a business or a team that is resilient to adapt and evolve to the world around it?’ And so they’re looking to create teams and organizations that are robust, not fragile and rigid, but resilient, ever changing and evolving. 

Lucy colclough, workwild

In this episode, Lucy and Mark share their first impressions of the book when it was published last January, offer their reflections on the 12 elements, and outline their visions of where this new ‘movement’ could take us over the next few years. 

To celebrate the first anniversary, you can receive a 30% discount when you buy the book via natureofwork.com – use BIRTHDAY1 at the checkout. 

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