What is the living age?

August 18, 2021 11:25 am

We have talked for 200 years about the ‘industrial age’. Then, in recent decades, we’ve described the late 20th century as the ‘information age’, ‘knowledge age’ and, more recently, the ‘digital age’. So, what do we mean by now saying we are entering the ‘living age’? To explain, let’s look back a little. If we consider all the previous ‘ages’ from industrial onwards, we find periods defined by tools. The tools of industry, information, knowledge and technology – ever smarter for sure, but all about the tools that humans have invented nonetheless.

This is what makes the living age different. This age is defined by our relationship with nature and all that is alive (including humans as part of nature). We are waking up in real time to find ourselves in a crisis in nature as climate change seeps into every aspect of our lives, organizations and society. We are realizing late that the tools we have created have now allowed us destroy and degrade our planet as well as our relationships with each other. The next age will not be just digital (although that will remain important), but be predominantly about humans and nature, as we attempt to imagine and inhabit a healthy, functional and respectful relationship with nature and each other. This is the living age, where our guiding light as individuals and as companies/communities, will be nature itself. Tools will not rescue, only nature can do this – and this only if we live in deep relationship with it and with each other.

The living age is here now and we require a new story of work and what it means within this new lens. Tools will come and go, but how we work and live with nature will open the future our hearts know is possible.

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